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Tools You Should Consider to Market Your Book

It is a desirable achievement to write a book successfully. To provide the successful marketing of a book, a writer should have an advertisement plan to make his book popular. A lot of disappointment is inevitable when the promotion tools in place become ineffective. In most cases, readers who have no established followers are likely to be disappointed because of lack of exposure. Due to the emergence of many writers in the market, authors need as many marketing tools as possible for them to be successful in the writing industry. The major tools in marketing your book are indicated in this article.

The first important promotional tool is WordPress. The first step for a new writer in the industry has a powerful online presence, having a website is essential for this purpose. A lot of followers and book enthusiast are connected to their favourite writers through websites. WordPress is a platform for building personal websites. WordPress is an essential marketing tool for which the author can provide a sneak peek of the contents of the book to attract readers and where readers can comment on the book. It’s a straightforward process to develop a website through WordPress, and no technical expertise is needed. WordPress offers ready-made website layouts with blank spaces where the author fill out their information to create a website. If the cost of building a website is an issue, there are free tools in WordPress. The site also gives tutorials and information about their services.

Secondly, you need the services of social media to market your book. To reach potential readers on the internet, you need to have a social media presence. There is no shortage of techniques to promote your book via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram accounts among others. Managing social media accounts is easier than other platforms. If you are a new author, you need to be very active in marketing your book and keep updating your account. Through engaging with fans, an author can inquire that they recommend their books to others readers hence supporting their work.

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Finally, you need a marketing tool like Amazon. Amazon is an online goldmine for authors who are looking to sell their books online. Amazon is suitable for both new and established writers. Amazon is a one-stop shop for both physical books and e-books which makes it very essential to authors.

Amazon is very efficient because it can be linked with other online marketing tools like Facebook which direct potential buyers to the site. Hence the author should ensure that his Amazon profile, book description, and reviews are optimal to attract more readers. There are several blogs and online video tutorials where an author can learn how to help you in creating a unique Amazon presence.