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Servicing of Secondary Air Injection Systems

This is a mechanism that works in order to minimize the amount of toxic gases and unburned fuel that is let to the environment. It has been around fifty years since the secondary air injection system was introduced. This efficient system works by injecting fresh air into the waste gas stream so as to enhance that exhaust gases are completely combusted.

The principle of operation of the secondary air injection system usually depends on the mode of the injection of the fresh air as well as where it is injected into the mechanism. These modes of operation of the secondary air injection system have varied with type with the development of technology. In vehicle engines that use petrol, this system has been a proven mode of minimizing the release of toxic gases into the environment.

This is a mechanism which does not need to be serviced regularly like other systems in a vehicle. However, when the service intervals are exceeded, damage to the ignition system is done and bad operating conditions can lead to the clogging of valves. These systems will prove to be viable even when examined if they are well maintained and serviced.

There are ways to check the wellness of the secondary air injection system is by observing the idling speed and cold start behavior if a motor vehicle engine. There is usually needed a good mixture of air and petrol in order to have a successful engine start. When the amount of fuel is excess in the engine high levels of carbon dioxide are usually emitted. Since the secondary air injection system usually has not achieved the right temperature in cold start, the exhaust gases can escape into the atmosphere. It is important to have the system maintained and mended by a professional to avoid further complications.

In the reduction of the emission of the toxic waste from vehicles, oxygen is usually introduced into the emission manifold directly. From this, the resulting exhaust is usually comprised of harmless exhaust gases and water. The raised temperature in the emitted gases also plays an important role in the functioning of the secondary air injection system.

The system is usually comprised of an air pressure device and air regulating devices. The purpose of the air pressure device is usually to take in air and inject it into the exhaust air emission manifold. The secondary air valves are usually placed in between the air pressure device and the exhaust gas stream. The secondary air injection system is usually considered the most effective method of minimizing the amount of harmful gases released from a motor vehicle engine. This system has been very helpful in the reduction of the release of unwanted gases in the atmosphere.

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