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Factors to Consider in Book Illustration

It was common to have books illustrated in the ancient times. It was done by most of the book writers since many people were interested in it. With respect to the content of the book, book illustrators could identify the targeted group early in advance. It is common that children got the most illustrated books. If you illustrate books tackling on the children you will be better placed than those dealing with the other ages.

We are in a digital world where you find out that most of the book illustrations belong to kids, unlike the ancient times. It is not any simple to illustrate a book even though it is your perfect job. There are tips that you ought to consider so as to be a good illustrator. In this article, some of the factors to be considered are outlined.

The first factor that you should consider is drawing. It is vital to make drawings almost everywhere in the book. Many types of drawings make the children busy observing the things that are drawn. If you draw images of different things at different places, then it will be easier for the kid to understand. Schools, homes, and churches are some of the places in which you can opt for the image backgrounds. This way, it will capture the attention of the audience and therefore get interested to know the message. When your images become pretty and to your expectation, then you can rework them using your computer to make them more interesting.

Would like to include some portfolios in your book illustrations to make it look more interesting and drive the point home. A portfolio added in the book illustration will have a great impact to the targeted group in passing the intentions of the illustrator. If you include some images of pictures like boats, swimming pools among others, will enable the reader to understand clearly what you wanted to illustrate. Therefore, ensure that you include a portfolio in your book illustrations.

The facial expressions of your book characters is the third factor to consider. The emotions of the book characters should be portrayed in the pictures. If you want a certain character to ever be smiling, then make sure that you include that on the book illustrations. This is the time you should decide whether to show it on your book illustration. Therefore, ensure that when you are drawing you include the marks that show how the character was. However, ensure that you don’t exaggerate the pictures so that they don’t look like cartoons.

The pages of your book illustration is the fourth factor to consider. Do not have a book illustration with very few pages because you will not pass the information fully. Conversely, if you would like to change the color, you can do it abruptly to surprise the reader.

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