Wedding Day Complete – Things to Attend To

Things that have to be done after the wedding.

Things that have to be done after the wedding. In your preparations, for your wedding day, be sure to include the things to do after the wedding day is all over. Assign these duties to your friends and family to have completed while you are enjoying yourself on your honeymoon but make sure that they leave the nice things that have to be completed just for the both of you, like your wedding album. So just because you’ve skipped down the aisle and sailed off into the sunset doesn’t mean your wedding planning is really over. So follow my helpful checklist for tying up loose ends after you’ve tied the knot.

1. The wedding dress.

Firstly arrange for your Mum or one of your friends to take the wedding dress home for you after the wedding day and make sure that they dry clean wedding dress. It is best to dry clean wedding dress to get it looking as good as new as soon as possible after the big day. When purchasing the dress get recommendations from your Bridal boutique on a professional dry cleaner that specializes in dry cleaning wedding dresses. Once your wedding dress is back from the dry cleaners ensure that it is stored in its original box in a cool place. When you come back from your honeymoon you can have fun thinking of things you can do with your wedding dress e.g. sell it on eBay, give it away to someone you know, who is less off than you are (remember what we give away comes back to us tenfold). Give it to Oxfam – I was amazed to see Oxfam doing Price per click in Google for wedding dresses – so go talk to them perhaps they will pay you for your wedding dress. Traditionally the wedding dress was kept until the first born and a christening gown was made from part of the wedding dress for the newly born infant for his/her christening day.

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2. What about your wedding bouquet.

Traditionally the wedding bouquet is thrown behind you for all the ladies to catch and the one lady that catches it signifies that she will be married within the year. Other traditions are where a parent has passed on – all flowers are placed on their grave. If neither of these appeal to you – great cause I came across this great idea in a wedding magazine which is to preserve wedding bouquet and have it framed and it just looks fantastic. Google preserve wedding bouquet and you will find someone suitable in your area to preserve your wedding bouquet and place it in a beautiful frame, which will last for years to come. Endeavour to get your flowers there as soon as possible after your wedding cause the fresher the flowers look the better the picture. If you are off on your honeymoon then assign this duty to your bridesmaid and emphasize the importance of this being complete sooner rather than later. Again remember the fresher the flowers the better the end result.

3. Return all wedding suit hire wear.

This is one for the best man – assign this duty to him to ensure that all wedding suit hire is returned safely to the wedding suit hire company sooner rather than later.

4. Change your name, change of names whatever this needs to be complete sooner rather than later.

First decision that needs to be made on this is are you going to take your new husband’s surname if yes this is something that only you can do and if you wish to have your married name on your passport you would want to make sure that this was complete at least 4 weeks before the wedding. This, along with your driver’s license will need to be complete prior to the honeymoon, whereas the rest can wait. When you return from your honeymoon then you will need to change your name on your Bank Accounts, and credit cards. You may also need to consider things like your email address, business cards, deeds, will and insurance policies. Contact each organization for specific details but do make sure you have your marriage certificate handy for each application and procedure.

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5. Settle your bills.

If you have any outstanding invoices left to pay do it now after all who wants to be paying for their wedding months later. There is a saying which states ‘Never put off to-morrow what you can do to-day.” So go do it, actually this is a good one to assign to your beloved new husband.

6. Inform your employer.

This is very important as this can have tax implications as being married will change your tax status. You need to decide if you want to settle your taxes jointly (generally recommended) or separately. Do talk to an accountant if you are unsure of the implications. There are many reasons to let your employer know that you are married. A changed surname will require a new email address, but will also need to be added to company files etc.

7. Complete your thank you cards.

This is a fun thing to do which can wait until you are both back from your honeymoon, and it is a task for both of you. Enjoy remembering the gifts you received from everyone, the ones you loved and the ones you got a good laugh at. The ones you kept and the ones you exchanged to be more in your taste – yes this can be fun. Tradition has it that thank you cards should be sent out 6 weeks after the wedding. Personalized messages are much nicer than standard messages and it is especially appealing where you mention the very gift that you received from each individual – this always brings a smile to people’s faces when they get the thank you card signed by both of you.

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8. Wedding Album.

The wedding album is for you and no one else but if you do not do this immediately it will never get done – I know what I am talking about. Seize the moment after your honeymoon and spend an evening or two picking out your favorite snaps for inclusion. This will bring you a lot of laughs, fun and enjoyment and will take you back to moments in your wonderful wedding day so be prepared to take your time on this one and do open a bottle of bubbly. Most photographers will make a selection for you and if you are too busy then go with this option but think of the fun you will have missed out on.

That completes my list of things to be complete after the wedding if you think of of more things that should be added to my checklist, do visit my website and let me know what else should be included.